Take a hike.

I went for a hike yesterday.

It was just a day hike, not a long backpacking trip out into the wilderness where I proved my mettle against nature. Just a few hours to enjoy the solitude and beauty around me.  To be quiet with my thoughts.  I’m not great at introspection so the internal reel often repeats itself.

In the Pacific Northwest we are fortunate to have easy access to remoteness.  That sounds weird but wildness, parts of the earth that aren’t filled with human-ness, is pretty close and accessible.  We’re lucky that way.

I was reminded of this yesterday sweating my way up the trail in search of the pictures I’d seen online.  They were waiting for me.  Standing in the mist of the waterfall I was graced with the beauty of nature.  Further up the trail there was more.  There always is.  I saw an owl.  The first time I’ve seen an owl in the wild since I was teenager planting trees in Northwestern Ontario.  Pretty cool.  Especially when I clicked my hiking poles together to get it to look at me.  It did.  And for a moment we communicated.  With my eyes I said, “Hey you ARE an owl. I thought so.” With its eyes it said, “You’re not dangerous to me.  Goodbye.”  Then it flew to it’s next station.  Pretty cool.

That’ll keep me going until the next time I take a hike.


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