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February 6, 2010

The widely accepted view of eco-terrorism encompasses those who take action against individuals or organizations who damage the environment. The actions are considered extreme and usually have the specific intention of causing damage to property.

Maybe it’s my “can’t we all get along” Canadian sensibility but I’d prefer it if we would talk to each other. And these eco-terrorists are supporting things I believe in! Healthy environment. Clean air and water. Renewable energy. Better treatment of animals. I just can’t stomach the tactics.

It’s the malice that doesn’t sit well with me. Doing harm to win an argument or shed light on something. Feeling justified destroying construction sites or damaging forestry equipment. That’s malice.

And there are those who act with malice towards the environment. I know of a lady who purposely leaves her office lights on overnight and always puts recyclables in the garbage. She does it to make a point. She’s striking out against the environment as a way of showing political disagreement with those who support it. To me that’s eco-terrorism. That’s acting with malice.

If you want to read all the political nuance around the issue of the environment, there’s plenty out there to be found. The statistics to support everyone’s views are there as well. Have at it.

When you’re done educating yourself, I hope you’ll agree with me and support the same things I do. Regardless, if you’re moved to action, please don’t act with malice.


It’s not a diary.

February 1, 2010

I don’t keep a diary.  It seems unsafe.  Dear diary, today Billy heard Sally tell Jenny that she thinks I’m stupid.  Not worth putting down for posterity.

I have a journal though.  I have two.  Fancy leather covers and nice thick paper.  I use one to take acting notes at rehearsal.  It was an opening night gift from a good friend.  We were in a play together in which a journal played a large part.  The inevitable journal.  The other is the actual journal from the play.  Only the first page was used in the show so there was this whole blank book waiting for use.  It was my prop and I was allowed to keep it.

I use it to record our travels.  My wife and I have been to Europe twice and I did the show just before our first trip.  So I had this book at my disposal.  At the end of each day I would write a page or two about what we’d done.  We take a lot of pictures and the book helps fill in the holes that memory creates.

It’s pleasant to look back on it and recall some of the minutia.  What we had for lunch and where.  Little sights we saw that struck us as funny or odd.  To remember those times that we shared on a particular beach or inside a particular shop.

But it’s not a diary.