I should write a letter…

I’ve never been great about writing letters.  I don’t mean personal letters but I’ve always been lousy about those as well.

I’m talking about letters of thanks, praise, or complaint to a bank, restaurant, or store after the service has been notably on either side of the norm.  It’s after those experiences when I say to my wife, “I should write a letter.”  And I compose the letters.  Beautifully.  I just don’t write the dang things.   By the time I get the gumption to put pen to paper, I’ve lost my fervor.  The moment’s gone.

And pen and paper are the necessary tools for the task.  An email or web post would be too coarse where a handwritten note has style.  It shows I cared enough to sit down, spend the time, and thoughtfully put my comments on that thick piece of writing paper that has a little texture to it.  Only this can convey the gravity or sincerity of my mind.  It’s personal.

Or it would be if I wrote it.

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