Getting Sentimental

This is when many people look back over the past year, take stock of where they are now, make resolutions, and hope for the best in the year to come.

I don’t really do that.  I’m not saying I’m not sentimental, I’m just not sentimental about much.  I wish love and health for everyone in the coming year and continue to hope for those lottery numbers to come up.

But today will be 24 hours long just like yesterday and tomorrow.  Just like my birthday.  Just like Valentine’s Day.  Just like May 12, 1953.

At midnight it’ll be a new year and to me that means I have to remember to put the correct year on correspondence and checks.  I’ve been vacationing this week, so I’ll try to remember it’s Friday.  Just in case it comes up.  We’ll have friends over tomorrow to play games and, as always, it will be good to catch up, spend time together, and enjoy each other’s company.

But I’d feel the same way if it was the first week of March.

The Holiday Season comes to an unofficial end tomorrow and we go back to reality.  Is that it?  It’s time to stop thinking about sharing a smile and pleasantries with the check-out girl at the grocery market, donating to a food bank or international charity, or being thankful for the blessings we have.  There are bills to pay after all, and weight to lose, and decorations to put away, and toilets to clean, and we need to get back to work, and the kids need to go back to school, and life needs to get back to normal.

Don’t worry, all the needs we become aware of and all the thanks we’re ready to give will be waiting for us on the other side of Hallowe’en.  Right where we left them.

I’ll try not to miss them until then.  Otherwise I might get sentimental.


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